The tables below show the average wait times for new applications and each stage of the examination or registration process.

Your wait time may be less than the average or longer than the average. There are many factors that impact how long it takes to examine a trademark filing. You may be able to shorten your wait time by following these tips for avoiding processing delays.

New applications appear in the Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TSDR) system documents tab before review by an examining attorney. Applications filed under Madrid Protocol with a trademark that has a design or stylization, such as stylized wording or an image, may take a little longer to appear in TSDR.

Time between filing new Trademark application and... Average Target
First examining action in TSDR record 8.2 months 8.4 months
Trademark registering or application abandoning 14.8 months 14.4 months

Note: Last updated October 2023


You may have noticed that the average processing wait times do not match the current examination dates. The current examination dates show the most recent applications assigned to examining attorneys for review.

In general, average wait times are shorter than the current examination dates, because while we typically assign applications in the order they’re received, some applications get placed higher in the queue.

  • If the same applicant files more than one application within a three-month period, we place them all (up to 10 total applications) in the queue with the one that was filed first.
  • Madrid applications are placed in the queue according to their effective filing date, which is the date their international application was filed.
Trademark Processing Times Average Target
Pre-Examination Unit
TEAS 34 days 10 days
MADRID 1 day 10 days
Examination Support Unit (ESU)
Amendments/Corrections 119 days 14 days
Intent to use
Extension requests 6 days 15 days
Statement of use 11 days 15 days
Divisional requests 1 day 15 days
Petitions Office
Letters of protest 26 days 60 days
Post Registration
Affidavits of Use/Incontestability 149 days 90 days
Renewals 145 days 90 days
Amendments/C​orrections 193 days 90 days
ETAS 2 days 2 days
Fax 14 days 10 days
Paper 14 days 14 days

Note: Last updated October 2023

See the Trademarks data at a glance for quarterly reports on processing wait times.

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