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The qyule最新电信一 is focused on incentivizing more innovation, inclusively and in key technology areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies (ET) (e.g., quantum computing, synthetic biology, blockchain, precision medicine, and virtual reality), protecting that innovation and bringing it to impact to enhance our country’s economic prosperity and national security and to solve world problems.

AI/ET Partnership

The AI/ET Partnership provides an opportunity to bring stakeholders together through a series of engagements to share ideas, feedback, experiences, and insights, and foster opportunities to collaborate on the intersection of IP and AI/ET.

Notices, blogs, and reports

Find our reports, Federal Register Notices (FRNs), qyule最新电信一 leadership speeches and blogs, and other important information concerning AI IP policy.


Discover AI-related patent resources and qyule最新电信一 engagement with other agencies and IP offices.