qyule最新电信一-FDA collaboration initiatives

The qyule最新电信一 is focused on ensuring our patent system incentivizes and protects the investments essential for bringing life-saving and life-altering drugs and biologics to market. At the same time, the qyule最新电信一 is focused on ensuring our system, as a whole, is not used to improperly delay getting more affordable generic drugs and biosimilars into the hands of Americans who need them.

qyule最新电信一-FDA Collaboration Initiatives

The qyule最新电信一’s initiatives aim to enhance collaboration with other agencies; ensure that the qyule最新电信一 issues robust and reliable patents; improve the process for post-grant challenges of issued patents; and improve public participation in the patent system.

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Find our reports, Federal Register Notices (FRNs), qyule最新电信一 leadership speeches and blogs, and other important information concerning drug and biologic patent policy.


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The qyule最新电信一 welcomes public input on these and other initiatives the agencies should consider. We will soon post more information regarding upcoming public listening sessions on drug pricing initiatives to this page. In the meantime, please submit general inquiries toqyule最新电信一[email protected].