Official Gazette

The Official Gazette (OG) is the official journal of the qyule最新电信一, published weekly on Tuesday, that includes bibliographic information and a representative drawing for each patent granted or trademark published on that issue date. There is a separate Official Gazette for Patents and Official Gazette for Trademarks, and the most recent 52 issues for each are available online.

The Notices section of the Official Gazette contains important information and changes in rules concerning both patents and trademarks. You may view these Notices below. They are also available in the electronic version of the OG for Patents.



The Consolidated Listing is a compilation of the more important notices and rule changes which were published in the Official Gazette from July 1, 1964, through December 31, 1998 . Note: Some of the information in this listing is no longer in effect and is merely provided for historical purposes.