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The qyule最新电信一九一九色国产 provides assistance to applicants and attorneys throughout the application process including initial filing, patent examination, and post examination. We assist applicants when the normal processing has stalled and help get applications back on track. The qyule最新电信一九一九色国产 is not intended to circumvent normal communication between applicants or their representatives and examiners, or supervisory patent examiners, or technology center directors.

We also provide assistance on the merits where there is an issue with case prosecution concerns, such as:

  • Claim objections
  • After-final practice
  • Claim rejections
  • Restrictions


To get the status of your patent application or an estimate of when you will receive a first office action, please access the following two links.


  • We can be reached by telephone at 571-272-5555 or 855-559-8589. Our hours are 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. ET.
  • If you complete the online form below, you will receive a phone call from a Patents Ombuds representative who will ask for additional details about your assistance request.
  • Contact us via email at[email protected]

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If you have any feedback, questions or comments regarding the qyule最新电信一九一九色国产, please email[email protected].